MORNING BUZZ: Safe, Syria and Kitty-Boy’s Home

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Good Morning!
It’s the first day of school at our house. Well…yesterday was the first day but it was more paperwork and “get to know you” than it was a real school day. I know I am supposed to make a big deal out days like this but I can’t. It’s preschool. We’ll take a picture of the four of us…I like that as a first day of school tradition. I think I will feel differently when they start ACTUAL school next fall. What do you parents think?

So there have been two attacks in downtown Des Moines in a couple of weeks. HEADLINE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN DOWNTOWN DES MOINES IS UNSAFE. The question I want answered is, when was the last time someone was shot or stabbed or beaten to death downtown? I can’t recall an incident in the time I’ve been here. Bottom line, there will be random incidents like this at times in a city the size of Des Moines.

Woke up to the News that Ariel Castro is dead. I don’t think anyone is going to be shocked by the news. If you are a victim of this man do you feel better or worse hearing this news? By any measure this man is a disturbed monster. Even if you believe he could be rehabilitated in some way…He could never live in normal society.
There is evil in the world plain and simple. He carried out the sentence a lot of people wanted to see handed down.

To the Dogs
Waterloo is considering an ordinance that would regulate the ownership of Pitt Bulls. This comes after two attacks in the city in recent days/weeks. One of the victims of one of those attacks says she thinks the real issue lies with the owners not the dogs. What do you think? Should the owner of a dog that attacks someone be charged with a crime?

I get the objection to the U-S intervention in Syria. We’ve been down this road before and I can understand why some people in Congress would be…literally, gun-shy. But how do you let this stand? It’s not as simple as yes or no. One wrong move gets us involved in World War Three. Not doing anything? How much does that damage our credibility? Then there’s just the basic human instinct to help these people who are being gassed and bombed. If we do act, there’s no guarantee that the new government is one we would want to deal with… or one that will be friendly to the United States(see Egypt). I wrote here before, I honestly believe some of this “fatigue” that being talked about among the American electorate is frustration over helping the people of these nations seek their own form of government and their own leaders, only to be vilified six months later.
None of this is simple, none of it is obvious and all of it will be subject to the Monday Morning quarterbacking of the guys who will waffle in the shadows waiting for someone else to screw up rather than make a firm principled decision.

Kitty Boy’s home
SO the boys both a have a beanie baby cat. Sally Grandma sent them to the boys before she passed away. They both named the cat, “Kitty Boy” and the Kitty-Boys go everywhere with us. Sometimes Kitty-Boy has been left behind at a babysitter’s house or a friend’s house or in the car. At some point Sally started saying to the boys, “That Kitty-Boy is pretty adventurous”. They agreed.
Kitty-Boy got so adventurous that Will’s Kitty-Boy actually disappeared! Will was upset by his KB’s absence and wondered aloud over the last few weeks where he might be. Then Sally had a brilliant idea: we bought a new one! That’s not so brilliant you might say. Well it’s the second part of the story that really works. She told Will that we’d heard from Kitty-Boy via email and that he was at the “Toy Fixer”(those of you that have seen Toy Story 2 understand). We told him the toy fixer would make KB “good as new”…just like he did to Woody in the movie.
Sure enough Kitty Boy showed up last night on Will’s bed with a note.
Kitty Boy

Problem solved…happy boy…brilliant Mommy. All is well.
Hope you have a good day!