SCHOOL BOARD: New Candidates Ready To Run

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The Des Moines School Board election is a week away.

Ten candidates are running for four seats on the board.

With the election less than a week away, candidates are busy hitting the campaign trail.

Shaking hands and passing out signs is part of the gig for a position that has seen brighter days.

The Des Moines School Board has been slammed with scandal and controversy.

So why take on the challenge?

“I decided to run for school board because I genuinely feel that our students are losing out to all of the scandal of the current school board,” says Candidate Heather Ryan.

Candidate Joel Doyle was urged by friends to run.

“I have some friends that have been involved in Des Moines Schools that thought I would be a good candidate and could add some consistency and some cohesiveness,” says Doyle.

The same goes for candidate Toussaint Cheatom.

“There are a group of elders and former educators who asked me to run for school board they thought the things I had been through and because I have five children, I would be a good example to be a school board candidate,” says Cheatom.

Every candidate has their own reason for stepping up to run.

Whether it isproviding a voice, becoming a leader or providing a change to the current board’s dynamics.

“They need to be more cohesive, and less in the lime light,” says Doyle.

While candidate Cheatom is worried about other issues.

“The greatest concern is the under achievement of students and the over representation of minorities being sent for disciplinary actions,” says Cheatom.

And candidate Ryan wants to see some policy changes.

“We have an open enrollment policy but it`s only in words, not in actions, it`s really disingenuous to tell people you can open enroll when you really can`t,” says Ryan.

Every candidate provides a different view but all share a similar goal, help lead the Des Moines School District towards a greater future.

Three incumbents are also running for one of the four open seats.

Those are Connie Boesen, Joe Jongewaard, and Teree Caldwell-Johnson.

We introduced you to four of the other new faces running for a seat on Tuesday night.

The election for the Des Moines School Board is Tuesday September 10th.