DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Royce White Denies Claim

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Royce White made unwanted news Wednesday when TMZ reported police are investigating White for domestic violence.

White responded to those allegations Thursday through his attorney.

White’s ex-girlfriend, Tania Mehra, said in July a laceration over her eye was caused by a fall. Friday, she went to police and said the former Cyclone basketball player assaulted her.

White’s attorney describes the woman as a disgruntled former employee.

“Royce vehemently denies the allegations and is looking forward to a speedy and just resolution of these unfortunate and unfair claims. It is all too easy to make allegations, especially when directed at a person who is in the public eye.”

Three weeks after the alleged incident, White played summer league basketball in West Des Moines.

The Rockets drafted White in the first round, but he never played. Houston traded White to Philly in the off-season.