AGRIBUSINESS: Soybeans Holding Steady

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Thursday's crop production report and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report from USDA will give a better picture of what's happening to the soybean crop, but Iowa State University Extension field agronomist Mark Johnson has a preview: the beans, at least in north central Iowa, have held up. Crop stresses are another story.

In terms of temperature, Johnson says "we've gone from way above normal to way below normal all summer long and maybe that's been part of our salvation. I don't know. I talked to a pathologist and he kinda shrugged his shoulders too. It's been a strange year all around: weather wise, disease-wise, insect-wise."

Speaking from a soybean field in Elkhart, Johsnon says estimating yields are difficult. That field might average somewhere in the 40 bushels per acre range, but farther north, around Webster of Calhoun counties, Johnson expects lower yields.