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MORNING BUZZ: Circles, Anniversary and Recovery

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Good Morning.
Sorry about the lack of a blog lately.
I’m saying that a lot lately but in this case I’ve actually had something to do. Saturday I jacked up my neck and shoulder while I was warming up to play golf. Getting old is hell. Anyway, this wouldn’t normally be that big of a deal except I leave today for my annual golf trip with the Guys. Four days, 36 holes a day does not sound fun when you can’t swing a golf club. So I’ve spent pretty much every free minute I have the last four days with ice or heat on my neck and shoulder or getting some professional help to work it out. I’m encouraged about my progress and I think I’ll make it through the weekend. I know you were all worried.
A good deal of thanks goes to my uber-understanding wife. As soon as I came home Saturday she was ready to help me recover before I left. She’s already letting me go golfing for four days while she stays home, works and takes care of our kids… Add to that impressive “Best-wife-ever” resume: she set up appointments for me to go get a massage Saturday and Monday. She understands better than anyone how important this 15 year tradition is to me… and hardly ever rolls her eyes during the months of planning and talking about it.
I already knew this but I am a lucky man.
Anyone been to Palm Springs? I’d take restaurant recommendations. Think burgers and beers not fine dining.

To the news:
That’s what I saw as I listened to The President talk last night. It sounded as if his staff had written a speech defending a military strike and then stuck in references to this eleventh hour plan for Syria to give up its chemical weapons. It was all over the road. The President believes a military strike is the right thing to do…but he doesn’t want to enter into military action. He understands why the American public is wary of military action but can’t ignore the atrocities committed by the Assad regime. I’m sorry to say this but it was as weak as I’ve heard a President sound in my lifetime. Basically what I heard was, “I think striking Syria is the right thing to do and in the best interest of the national security…but if you all don’t want me to…OK.”
Some of you will say that’s the way this should work. I can respect that point of view. My problem with it is that we are all making a judgement with less than all of the information. I’d guess upwards of 80 percent of people couldn’t find Syria on a map much less explain what’s been going on there or our interest in making sure Syria is a stable member of the Middle East Community. Set aside our National interest… I’m having trouble answering the question: If we let this attack stand without any consequence to Assad, what is the long term-consequence next time we try to assert our influence on the world stage?
Members of Congress have more information and many of them are coming back with a solid “no”. I’m sceptical of that too, only because I think there are Republicans who would vote no in the face of overwhelming evidence… just to make the President look weak. I think there are a lot of Democrats who would vote no because there is no scenario, in which, they feel US military action is warranted.
There is no “good” scenario here. Either way there are potential consequences we don’t like.

9/11 is here again and I wonder your thoughts on the Anniversary. Do you pause…do you still think about it? Does the date still effect you the way it did in 2002 or 2003? I’m not asking if you are “patriotic enough”. I’m sure everyone views the days with solemnity and respect. I’m asking how it’s changed for you.

congratulations to the Des Moines School Board members…old and new. I hope the past year informs future decisions about how the Board operates and the efforts they’ve made to improve Des Moines Schools continue.

Some other random thoughts…
-I like what I see in the new iPhone5c. I know that “real” techies will say Apple is so far behind other phones and that the iPhone isn’t really that great. I’ll still take mine. And I’ll buy the new one when my two-year contract is up.
-Ron Hustad plays bagpipes…I wish i could. I think it’s one of the cooler traditions in Fire Departments. It’s the one thing I couldn’t convince my wife to include in our wedding.
– What’s the one thing you forget when you go on vacation. Mine rotates. But be assured, I WILL forget something.
-What are “essential oils”? What makes them essential? Are there some that are “good to have around” but not “mandatory”? These are the things you think about while on a massage table. That and you try not to chuckle at the ridiculous lyrics coming from the “Celtic Woman” CD playing in the background. These are just a few of the reasons I look utterly out-of-place in a Spa. I won’t try to explain why I am uncomfortable in that robe.
-Good Luck to all of the Cyclone and Hawkeye fans. Contrary to popular belief, hardly anyone in our newsroom has a passionate stake in this game. Even the Alumni are respectful of the other side. Kudos to our Sports team and their efforts for this year’s RVTV. Murph says it will be the last for a while. This rivalry week won’t be as fun without it.

I hope you all have a good rest of the week. I’ll be back next Tuesday.