SCHOOL BUS: Problems With Policies

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Rebecca Kinman had the typical worries as her oldest son Tyler prepared to take the bus for the first time. But on Monday Tyler's daycare called saying he was never dropped off following preschool. Kinman asked, “Where is my kid? Is he still on a bus? Did he get dropped off from school? Why haven`t I heard anything?”

She found out when the bus driver called saying they were waiting at her home.

Tyler`s preschool principal Jody Klaver says teachers walk each student to their bus. The bus attendant then double checks to make sure the students is on the correct bus. During the route, the child's name is called when their stop is reached.

Kinman says that policy wasn't followed on Wednesday… two days after the first incident. Kinman says, “They didn`t say his name. So he did what he was supposed to and just kept sitting there.”

The bus then dropped him off an hour later. “The fact that it`s happened to my child twice in one week and the fact that I’ve heard from someone else that it happened to another child already this year makes me think that it`s happened quite a bit,” said Kinman.

Looking for an explanation, she spoke with a bus driver and Durham School Services. Durham says no one has apologized or reassured that this won’t happen again, which makes her worry something worse could happen.

Kinman says, “Something bad is going to end up happening to one of the children that gets left or gets missed. And the school`s going to be liable.”