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ALLERGY SEASON: Pollen Making People Miserable

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Seasonal allergies are making many people miserable but some healthcare professionals said there likely won’t be much relief until the first snowfall.

Health professionals at Waverly Health Center said more than half of their patients this week have sought treatment for allergies.

They said people who suffer from allergies are more susceptible to a secondary bacteria or virus-like sinus infection.

“Allergies, really the pollens, are in the air now. The seasonal allergies really are strongest from 5 until 10 a.m.  Avoiding being outside where the wind is blowing the pollens around during that morning time is one thing you can do to help,” said Nurse Practitioner Janel Thompson.

Experts said to contact your doctor if you are suffering from allergies and get a fever, have pain in your sinuses, a cough or even a sore throat.

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