AGRIBUSINESS: Administration Strongly Opposes H.R. 3102

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The Obama administration opposes the House nutrition bill and says it would cost millions of American access to food assistance. Obama’s senior advisors suggest he veto the bill if it crosses his desk.

The House Democrats need 20 Republicans to vote “no” on the House nutrition bill in order to defeat it. The vote is expected Thursday.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi thinks the nutrition bill can pass, but even if it doesn't, that House GOP leadership should find another way to go to conference.

Senate Ag Chair, Debbie Stabenow made remarks on the Senate floor yesterday. She claims the Congressional Budget Office found 14 million people would be phased out of food assistance over the next decade through economic recovery; she says the House nutrition bill will reject them from the program prematurely. Stabenow adds that the Senate Farm Bill already addresses food stamp fraud, and that the House nutrition bill is only slowing the passage of the five-year farm bill.

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