BUS PROBLEMS: Ames Schools Set New Policies

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After four students were dropped off by their school buses at the wrong stops in one week and other students complained of not being picked up at all, the Ames School District is working with it’s contracted bus company to make some changes.

A district spokeswoman says, from now on, drivers will have to announce all stops to school children, drivers will receive more training, and drivers will have rosters and keep track of students getting on and off the bus.

"We know that roster's are available of all the students who should be on the buses.  So then the expectation now is that all the drivers and substitute drivers will have complete rosters and not only will they have the rosters but they will log the students and check the students that get on and off the bus against those rosters." said school district spokeswoman Kathy Hanson.

Parents like Jamie Boughner aren't convinced the policies will make a difference. She says the school busses regularly drive right past her son, leaving him stranded.  "I'm not completely comfortable with it but we have to trust them.   And it makes me nervous to trust them but we don't have much more options." she says.

The district plans to follow up with the bus company to make sure the new rules are followed.