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STORM DAMAGE: Grimes School Repairs Roof

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Some students in Grimes got a day off from school Friday.

South Prairie Elementary officials spent the day working on their storm damaged roof.

Kindergartener Caydence`s favorite subjects are recess and lunch. But this Friday afternoon something took her away from her studies. Caydence says, “My school got teared apart.”

Foreman Rodney Busch has spent 30 years working on roofs. “It`s a mess. I mean it was really bad," said Busch, “I mean I’ve seen bad ones before but this is probably the worst.”

Busch worked on the ripped up roof until 10 p.m. Thursday night.

Superintendent Scott Grimes said, “I think we want to get them back into the routine of education and daily routine for the families as soon as possible.”

School officials hope to open the school Monday by putting a temporary roof over Caydence’s favorite room, the cafeteria.

But until then, Caydence’s stepfather Matt Petersen says, “They`re extra hands so we`ll put them to work.”

Her stepdad is taking advantage of her day off. Officials say if the school is not ready by Monday students will be sent to other buildings like the high school for class.