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HOTEL PATTEE: New Owners, New Future

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Perry’s historic Hotel Pattee will soon reopen with new owners.

Vicki Lage admits she`s not a Perry native. “I`m a newcomer I’ve only been here 37 years”, says Lage.

Now retired she`s collecting applications for Hotel Pattee`s job fair. Her reason for volunteering on a Saturday afternoon, Lage says, “I believe we need to have the hotel reopened. It will help the community grow. Bring in more business; support the business that`s already here.”

More than 50 residents agreed with Lage by investing $5,000 or more in Jay Hartz`s plan for the hotel.

Hartz says he`s different from past owners. Hartz says, “We are going to be in the community live here have our roots here, and be here every day shaking hands making sure our customers are taken care of.”

He`s putting more than his life savings into this project. He and his family will soon leave their old life behind in St. Louis, Missouri. Hartz says, “We`re putting our life into this. And we`re ending our career running this hotel and living here in Perry.”

Native Phyllis Fish grew up with the hotel. Fish says, “I mean the Hotel Pattee. It was just a trademark something steady here.”

Unfortunately, business hasn`t been steady lately. The last two owners struggled financially and closed.

“It just seems like the hotel just keeps coming back and I think it will. I think it`s too grand to let it go. I don`t think it will go”, says Fish.

Which is why she`s applying for a job at Hotel Pattee.

Newcomers and long timers of Perry are all here together, because they believe in this historic hotel`s future.