AGRIBUSINESS: Record Enrollment at ISU College of Ag and Life Sciences

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This fall undergraduate enrollment at Iowa State University's College of Ag and Life Sciences hit a record 4,291 students.
That figure is ten percent higher than last year's enrollment, and continues a multi-year trend at the college; since fall of 2005 undergraduate enrollment at the college has risen 75 percent.
However, from 2000 to 2010, the college's budget dwindled.
Iowa Board of Regents President Bruce Rastetter says the higher enrollment means more students are seeing a future in agriculture, and that he would expect the college's budget to increase to reflect a larger student body.  He says, "you need more classes, you need more professors, and obviously in a research institution you need to have those students to have more lab time."
A tuition freeze adds more incentives to join the agriculture program.  Rastetter says that with support of the legislator and governor, in-state tuition will freeze, "we think it's important to make it accessible and affordable and you do that by holding tuition down."  In order to cover the cost of a growing enrollment and tuition freezes, Rastetter says that universities are looking for more ways to save money.
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