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MURPHY’S LAW: Solheim Cup, Hawkeye Dominance, Bathroom Mystery

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The reaction many of you had to the news Des Moines had landed the Solheim Cup was, “What is the Solheim Cup?”.

Doesn’t seem like it now, but it will be a big deal in August or September of 2017. Millions of dollars, and more than two hundred thousand spectators at Des Moines Golf & Country Club. Unless the Cup is scheduled during Iowa-Iowa State football week. Or the State Fair.

What is the Cup? This minute long video will show you better than I can explain:

It’s basically the LPGA version of the Ryder Cup. USA vs Europe. It leaves out many of the top ranked female golfers, because many are South Korean, but that’s largely not a negative in the ways the LPGA cares. Americans like cheering Americans. And in 2017, they will. …

Peyton Manning is holding another passing camp. This one has the Raiders pretending they can stop the Broncos. They can’t. Manning has already thrown for more touchdowns in the first three games than any quarterback in NFL history. The Broncos and Seahawks are the class of the NFL in the first quarter of the season. That could change.

There are many reasons for the NFL’s staggering popularity, fantasy football an underrated one, but the speed with which a team can rise or fall is near the top. The Giants, Steelers, Vikings, and Redskins among the teams now 0-3. The Dolphins, Bears, and Chiefs are 3-0. It feels like any team is a good coach or player from contending. Except Jacksonville. …

Iowa State physics and astronomy Professor Kelly Whisnant is no rocket scientist. Well, actually, he is. Anyway, Whisnant uses a complex formula to predict the outcomes of future college football games. Right now, Whisnant has ISU projected at 1-11. It was 2-10 after the loss to UNI, but that forecast a win over Iowa. ISU will find more than one win, though more than a few Cyclone fans fear the worst.

Interestingly, Iowa makes a jump Whisnant had never seen, in part because of how the teams on Iowa’s schedule have played. Prior to Iowa’s dominating win over Western Michigan, Whisnant and his fancy computer had the Hawks going 3-9. Now, suddenly, it’s 7-5. The extra wins come from Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue, and Michigan. The computer hasn’t seen Michigan’s helmets. (Old Hayden Fry reference. Helmets worth 4 points.).

USA Today just re-ranked the FBS 125. Iowa moves up to 66th. Iowa State drops to 87th. Neither sounds impressive.

The Hawkeyes did everything you could want when playing a lesser team. Iowa destroyed Western Michigan. Offense, defense, special teams… total domination. The Hawks players, coaches, and fans all needed that. It’s been a while since Iowa slobberknocked someone.

Nothing negative to winning 59-3. However, don’t reserve Rose Bowl tickets yet. Iowa has defeated three teams who have combined for a grand total of zero wins.

Meantime, UNI hosts McNeese State. That’s the first top ten showdown at the UNI-dome since 2009. …

Love Jeff Daniels in the Newsroom. He’s the best thing about Aaron Sorkin’s hit and miss HBO show. But how in the world did Daniels beat the incomparable Bryan Cranston for the Emmy? Crazy. Can’t wait to see how Breaking Bad wraps up Sunday night. Few shows go out at their very best. This one is. …

breaking badThe Pirates just clinched a playoff berth. That’s good for baseball. (Pirates hadn’t made the post-season since Barry Bonds was skinny and had a normal sized head.)  Now, if we can just add the Royals too. …

Saw this sign taped to the men’s room door of a small town bar in Iowa. If you can name the bar and town, the blog is free. …

adel bar

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