STORM DAMAGE: Back To School In Grimes

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Nearly every student had already gone home for the day when storms tore through Grimes Thursday.

That was the good part.

The bad part for students, and especially administrators, at South Prairie Elementary was that there would be changes this week because of the damage the storm left behind. The storm tore through part of the roof that had just been put in less than two years ago. Rain came through and soaked the cafeteria, hallways and cafeteria.

Monday morning Principal Ann Bass emailed parents to say she figured out a backup plan for lunch. Students wouldn’t get the planned chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Instead, the cooks put together sack lunches with smoked turkey sandwiches. “I emailed parents at 6 o’clock this morning once I heard the menu and so they knew what the menu is going to be for this whole week.”

Students ate in the gym, while crews dry out and clean the cafeteria and kitchen.

Bass said she hopes to have equipment in place by Thursday to serve hot meals. But she can’t say when everything in the school will be working again, meals can return to normal and students can go back to eating in the cafeteria. Also, no word yet on how much the roof will cost to repair or when repairs can be completed. Fortunately, insurance should cover the costs.

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