BUS CONCERNS: Driver Photographs Kids

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Just one week after Channel 13 reported Durham School Bus services dropped several Ames school children off at the wrong stops, there is another controversy.

This time, Waukee parents say an out of state driver brought in by Durham took pictures of their eight year old daughter and another girl and gave them his phone number.

"Well it went immediately from just being kind of suspicious and not cool to being scary," says the father of the eight year old.

"He had the two that he gave the notes to also highlight their names on his roster which he didn't do with any other kids.  So he knows where they live, he knows their names. He now has their picture.  It is concerning."

We are not revealing the parents identity; they’re scared of the Tennessee driver.  We are also not revealing his identity because he has not been charged with a crime.  But the parents say Durham, and the districts that contract with the bus company, should look more into their drivers.

The human resources director for Waukee Schools tells us he just found out Durham was bringing in drivers from other states, and he hasn’t had the chance to see their background checks.

A spokewoman for Durham tells us the driver will no longer be on the Waukee route, but she did not say whether he would be driving for other districts.

The parents we spoke with say this should alarm other families.

"All the signals, you have a gut feeling and all the signals tell you that you better react before something bad happens." the father tells us.

We did not find any police or court records indicating the driver is a child predator.  He did not respond to our request for a comment.