ENOUGH ALREADY: Rally Against Shutdown

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Congress has six days to avert a government shutdown.

“We're here today to say enough already,” says Rick Smith, a volunteer with Organizing for Action.

A small group of Iowans gathered outside the federal building in Des Moines.  They say they’re tired of the gridlock and political posturing in Washington.

Gano Whetstone was the first to arrive.  She made a “Protect Obamacare” sign for the rally.

“Your rich people can afford the health care but when it comes to your low economic people, it's a big problem for them and I  fall into that category,” says Whetstone.

Today, the US Senate took the first step towards passing a stop-gap funding bill.  Unlike the House, the Senate version will keep funding the government and the Affordable Care Act.

“I’m in favor of defunding Obamacare because I voted in favor of the bill in the first place.  I voted to repeal it once since it became law.  I think it`s bad for health care in America,” says Republican Iowa Senator Charles Grassley.

Grassley says he isn’t concerned about the Senate passing a budget bill to avoid a government shutdown.  He expects the Senate version of the bill will go to the House this weekend.

“I think there really are people who want to bring the government to its knees and shut it down,” says Smith.

“If that happens, it has a big negative impact on the financial markets which can spiral into all other types of problems,” says Drake Finance Professor Tom Root.

From a spike in interest rates to the Dow taking a fall, the list goes on.  Iowa military families would be affected and there would likely be delays in essential government services.

“I believe reason will win out and they will reach some agreement prior to the final deadline,” says Root.

Even if it happens in the 11th hour.

“That's why we're here.  We're really concerned about it,” says Smith.