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A 30-year-veteran of Iowa politics has spoken out on why he thinks the leadership at GOP headquarters should resign.

During a taping of Iowa Press, former Romney adviser, David Kochel says the problem with Chairman A.J. Spiker has to do with isolation, arrogance, and atrophy.

“I’ve never seen the state party in worse shape,” Kochel said. “For heaven’s sake we don’t have a paid financial director of the party. You can’t even raise enough money to afford someone to raise money. We got to do a better job at the state party.”

Spiker sent an email to supporters Friday stating, “With approximately $400,000 in the bank, the Republican Party of Iowa is doing great financially. The State party has zero debt and owns its headquarters in Des Moines outright.”

Earlier this year, Spiker led an effort to move next year’s state convention from June to July. The decision was met with wide-spread criticism.

Many worried the move would give the likely democratic nominee more time to campaign.

Despite Kochel’s comments Spiker stood firm on his views.

“He has his reasons in wanting someone else in power and I’m probably the first chairman that’s existed since he was executive director that he hasn’t been able to twist the arm of to move in the direction,” Spiker responded.

The GOP convention has been returned to its original date of June 14th.