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SECRETS REVEALED: Durham Bus Driver Speaks

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A former Durham School Service school bus driver says she didn't work in the Waukee School District for long, and it didn't take long for her to sum her opinion of Durham.

She says the company is completely disorganized.

Due to fear of retaliation, the former bus driver wishes to conceal her identity. She says Durham invested little time in to its drivers and sent them to pick up students without proper training.

“They threw me on the route with no dry run or nothing. They gave me a route sheet my route is supposed to start at 9:44 and gave me a route sheet at 9:39 and says you better hurry.”

The former driver says the company crossed the line when she claims employers encouraged her and other drivers to break traffic laws.

“One of the supposed to be trainers said it was okay to speed a little. It’s never okay to speed with children on the bus.”

So, she says she quit; which is why she contacted us. She says she wants parents to know why Durham brings in workers from as far away as Tennessee. She says Durham’s low wages and disrespect for their employees has burned bridges with local drivers.

“I really feel if parents trust these drivers with their child’s lives then they should know about who is driving their child to school.”

She has been a bus driver for eight years and she says parents have the right to know the person hauling their little ones to school. She says the company needs to get rid of current drivers and hire people who can do the job correctly, and she will not be returning.

“No I will not I’m done, I will find another school district that would appreciate a parent, a concerned bus driver and a safe bus driver to come on board and get their child to a safe destination.”

Channel 13 tried reaching out to Durham School Services on these issues but never heard back from them.