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SOLDIER SURPRISE: Brothers Reunite At School

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It took an Army of people to pull off a once in a lifetime moment for a Winterset student.

“I got goose bumps driving into town, it`s really nice being home, it`s awesome,” says Spc. Dylan Martin.

After spending ten months fighting in Afghanistan Spc. Martin says it feels good to be back in Iowa.

Martin returned from his mission Thursday night and was already planning a new mission at Winterset Junior High.

Students at Winterset Junior High were gearing up for the start of Homecoming weekend.

As part of the event, Martin's brother was called on stage.

Gavin Milledge planned to talk about his brother's service, sacrifice, and when the tour would finally be over.

“He doesn't really know when he's coming back but we think sometime this month so that will be cool,” says Gavin Milledge.

Then came the big surprise.

“I`ve been waiting a very long time for this,” says Spc. Martin.

The two brothers separated for nearly a year, reunited in front of the whole school.

“I thought I was just giving a speech so it was really cool.  I just was not expecting it at all,” says Gavin Milledge.

Spc. Martin was happy the surprise went off without a hitch.

“It was a relief to actually get to see him,” says Spc. Martin.

The boy's mother says she's glad everyone is back together.

“Gavin will never forget this, he just won`t, he just loves his brother.  It was a very proud moment, pretty teary eyed but very proud,” says Beth Milledge.

Now a family once separated by war is reunited just in time for the big homecoming game.

“I missed football season last year, I missed baseball season this year I’ve missed a lot,” says Spc. Martin.

“It will be special forever, just having home is so wonderful,” says Beth Milledge.

Spc. Martin stuck around after the assembly to go to the homecoming parade with his brother.

The two say they're most looking forward to a game of catch.