WORKER KILLED: Crews Say Traffic Still ‘Crazy’

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Even after a road construction worker was killed by a hit and run truck driver, people continue to drive recklessly.

Road crews say drivers are still speeding on the same stretch of road where their colleague died and where a makeshift memorial has been set up in his honor.

On Thursday, 27-year old construction worker Chris Wheeler was slowing down traffic on Highway 65 near Liberty Center  when he was hit and killed by a semi.  The truck left skid marks 340-feet long before driving off.  The driver was later caught in Indianola.

One day later, fellow road workers say traffic is still a problem.

"It's just, traffic's crazy," says Paul Folkers with Road Safety Traffic Systems. "They don't pay attention. As soon as they see a construction sign they don't seem to pay attention.  It's looking down on the cell phones, texting, we see it all the time."

The truck driver, 46-year old Rubin Ward of Chicago, was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident.