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SECRETS SERVED: Big City Burgers

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For the burger, a 2:1 mix of ground chuck and ground brisket. Mix in a little Worcestershire sauce, plus a little salt and pepper. Use a plate to press the burger flat. Make a hole in the center of the burger to cook it evenly from the edges to the center. The hole also helps the burger stay flat and not puff up in the center. Grill burgers.

The Black and Blue Burger is topped with Maytag blue cheese mixed with a little cream cheese. Place on top of the seared burger, while still on the grill. Sprinkle on some cajun spices. Add a couple of slices of bacon. Once blue cheese topping is melted and creamy and burger is cooked through, place on bun and serve.

For the Double Bacon Cheese, grill burger. Add a slice of white cheddar on top, as well as a couple slices of bacon.

For more information on Big City Burgers, visit their website here

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