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AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill Expired

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As of 12:01 last night the farm bill extension ended, and permanent law took over.  Permanent law uses rules implemented in the 1950s.
Farm Bureau President Craig Hill says that there will be consequences for the lack of a farm bill but it likely will not be felt until next year.
"It's hard to put a price tag on it, but most farmers, and most consumers wont feel a significant impact until January 1."
Hill says that farmers will probably see an end to conservation programs and international trade difficulties.
But overall he thinks there is still time to get a farm bill passed and he says the first thing to do is get conferees named.
"They've got their work cut out for them with the nutrition title. The other aspects of the farm bill will be pretty easy to bring together."
And Hill wants a real farm bill, not another extension.
"We don't really support an extension again, we've kicked this can down the road far too long, it's time to get permanent legislation done."
Despite permanent law going into effect Congress is still working on the bill.  On Saturday they rejoined the two halves of the farm bill.  But optimism on Capitol Hill remains low that a farm bill conference will occur any time soon.

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