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BIKER MOURNED: Family Says Pay Attention Drivers

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Ordinarily funerals are a private time.  A time for friends and family to mourn the loss of a loved one.  But Nick Neal's family asked us to cover his funeral because they have a very important message for you.

The 37-year old was killed last week when police say a school bus pulled out in front of him at the intersection of East 29th and Douglas.  He died the day after his daughter's 5th birthday.

"My world was ripped away." his wife, Casi Neal explains,  "We had a birthday party and birthday presents were still on the kitchen table. He left for work like he did any other day and before I even left the house with the kids for school he was gone."

Neal's family asked us to attend the funeral to show you that Neal was more than an accident statistic.  He was a hard working father, husband and son.  They want you to know that accidents like the one that claimed Neal's life can be avoided if people are just more careful when they drive.

"Everything. It changed all of my life." says Neal's son, Nico, "My dad doesn't get to see me grow up. He won't have grandkids that he will get to see."

On the hardest day of their lives, Neal's family is putting their mourning on hold to try to prevent other deadly motorcycle accidents.  So others won't lose what they've lost.

"Every bit of him." Nico says,  "I won't forget not one part."

A fund has been set up in Neal's name to help his family with expenses.  Contributions can be made at Affinity Credit Union, 475 NW Hoffman Lane Des Moines IA 50313

The driver of the school bus was cited on Monday for failure to yield the right of way.