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BLAME GAME: Government Shuts Down

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The six federal buildings in Des Moines are open for business and will stay that way until further notice.  Outside the Neal Smith Federal Building, protesters called on Congress to get back to work.

“The faction of the Republican Party, the Tea Party, has won and brought the government to a halt,” says Barb Yankey of Des Moines.

“If these tactics continue, we will all be hurt,” says State Senator Jeff Danielson, (D) Cedar Falls.

Danielson says that faction is holding the economy hostage.

“Do nothing by default democracy that we're getting from Washington D.C. right now and I think it's wrong,” he says.

“We just see dysfunction in Washington D.C. and really both sides are to blame.  They've had 9 months or more to pass a budget,” says Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Whitaker.

Whitaker says this is the last chance to defund the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

“A temporary shutdown of the federal government is a small price to pay to at least delay Obamacare and the negative, permanent impacts it's going to have on our economy long-term,” says Whitaker.

The short-term impacts of the shutdown are already being felt.

“National guard members who are furloughed today in Iowa, many of the small business programs.  Iowa generates 30 to 40 new business applications every week. Those will grind to a halt,” says Danielson.

The General Services Administration doesn't have a head count of how many federal workers in Iowa are on furlough.  GSA officials did say that some agencies shut their doors today.