E15 MESSAGE: IRFA Driving To D.C.

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A jeep is heading across the nation from Iowa to Washington D.C. to prove a point.

The Iowa Renewable Fuel Association is driving home a message for Congress telling them not to believe the oil industry’s claim that E15 hurts vehicles.

The association is calling the journey the Trek to Truth Road Trip.

The IRFA says the industry used inappropriate testing methods and then made inaccurate claims about ethanol.

The group is says its own vehicles prove the tests are flawed.

“Our point is clear if big oil told the truth this car would not run, if big oil told the truth this car would not have towed this boat to the Ozarks,” executive director Monte Shaw said. “If big oil told the truth this car would not drive 1,000 miles to Washington D.C.”

The association plans to present its case to Congress on Thursday and Friday.

The cost of E15 along with regular gas has fallen for 29-days in a row.

The national average for a gallon of regular is $3.39 and experts predict it could drop another 30-cents by Christmas.