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SHUTDOWN IMPACT: Who Is And Isn’t Affected

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The government shutdown Tuesday quickly affected Iowans.

National Guard

About a thousand National Guard members were given four hours to finish up work Tuesday morning before they were sent home.

The furloughed workers won’t return or receive a paycheck until the federal shutdown ends.

President Obama signed a measure Tuesday morning that ensures active duty military members will continue being paid.


Civilians are also suffering because of the shutdown especially those trying to buy a new home.

“If someone is buying a home with USDA financing and they haven`t been conditionally approved through the USDA, this could cause delays in their ability to close on a home loan,” explains certified mortgage planner Tyler Osby.

Osby says USDA loans will see the biggest setback.

Tax transcripts issued by the IRS are also affected. With IRS workers on furlough the agency is not able to verify client information.

Some banks will not process a loan without this confirmation while others are taking the risk.

“The best advice I have for people who are in the process of buying a home or coming up on a closing here pretty soon is just talk to your loan officer and just figure out what the impact of these changes would be and if it is something that directly impacts you and you`re really concerned about the timeline then you can get a second opinion,” Osby says.

Those closing loans without IRS documents will still be applying for that paper work after the shutdown ceases.

National Parks

Even temporary places to stay are off limits because of the shutdown.

All campers at Saylorville and Red Rock lakes were ordered to pack their bags.

Both facilities are run by the federal Army Corp Of Engineers and will remain closed indefinitely.

A sign at Saylorville says all campers must be out by Wednesday night at 8 p.m. if they were already camping prior to the shutdown.

State and county campgrounds will remain open.

Food safety

Although the USDA is shut down, it will continue to make sure food is safe.

The Iowa Cattleman's Association says meat inspections are considered essential services meaning they will continue during the entire shut down.

“The Food Safety Inspection Service that is going to continue forward,” chief executive officer Matt Deppe says.

“Anything from inspecting domestic product to those exports that we send overseas,  anything internally to the domestic consumer is safe and will continue to be that way.”

The FDA will also continue to monitor food recalls too.


The 533 current members of Congress will still be paid their full salaries.

Thanks to the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, Congress is restricted from changing its own pay.

The intent was to restrain Congress from increasing its pay but the amendment also blocks Congress from freezing or cutting its compensation.