SURPRISE REMODEL: Iowa Couple On ‘Ellen’

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An Iowa family was in for a big surprise on Tuesday's episode of Ellen.

Sam and Cassie from Panora were audience members for the show.

A few weeks ago, Sam wrote a letter to Ellen telling her about their current situation following an 11 month deployment to Afghanistan. He came home to find his home had a bad leak in the roof and the leak had caused a black mold problem.

Sam had to take a pay cut during his deployment, and his wife is a stay at home mom, so the family was unable to afford the essential repairs.

So Ellen contacted the HGTV show Cousins Undercover. The couple learned during Ellen’s show Tuesday that crews from the show are fixing and replacing everything while they're in California.

Ellen also revealed one more surprise.

While Sam was in Afghanistan, he adopted a dog named Pickle to get him to a better place.

Ellen found out Cassie and Sam have been rescuing dogs and now the cousins are rebuilding the fence in the couple’s back yard to make sure it’s high enough for the dogs and they can’t dig under it.

Ellen airs at 4:00 p.m. on Channel 13.

On Friday's show they'll check in live and have the reveal of the home's repairs.

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