WEEKLY WORKOUT: Tiny Torture Tools

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They look so harmless - just like personal trainer Angie Gallager.  But by now we know nothing with Angie is easy, and that includes using these mini resistance balls.

“There’s some instability in the ball and also because you’re going to be using it to squeeze certain muscles, it’s tough.”

The first move has us in plank with the ball between our knees.  It’s not bad, until we’re forced to add hopping and pushups.

Because this is tabata format, we’re working for twenty seconds and resting for ten, but the rest, still requires a lot of effort.

Round two has us in a v-sit with the ball between our legs, and the squeezing never really stops.

Round three still has us squeezing the ball – this time between our feet.  Reverse crunches are always killer, but even more so when we add resistance.

The ball becomes part of a support system when you put it under your back during classic crunches and it challenges your balance when you place it under your feet.

There are lots of ways you can use this little tool and Angie explains that it’s not all about torture.

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