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JACKIE’S FIGHT: Carlisle Community Comes Together

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Public safety workers help people in need each day, but Carlisle crews are going above and beyond to help one local teen.

Two months ago, Carlisle Police responded to 18-year-old Jackie Montour’s home.

Officers performed CPR until rescuers arrived.

Jackie was taken to the University of Iowa hospitals and clinics where she received a heart transplant last week.

Friday night, her responders are bringing the community together in her honor.

In a sea of red, one thing is on the minds of the Carlisle community.

“We see red everywhere, red`s been in the schools, reds are in the stands and the reds a fight for Jackie tonight,” says Carlisle Police Chief Jason Doll.

Chief Doll responded to the call at Jackie's home and ever since then has been connected to the teen.

“It did touch us, it touched our whole department, that an 18-year-old girl was fighting for her life,” says Chief Doll.

Police, Fire and EMS crews jumped at the chance to help Jackie and her family.

“We had come up with the idea of selling the shirts to help raise money for the family to get help with the heart transplant and the community came together in a heartwarming, touching way for this young girl,” says Chief Doll.

The Montour’s say the support for Jackie is overwhelming.

“The support in our community is amazing it`s unbelievable.  We never expected all this, we are very appreciative of everything that`s happened,” says Jackie’s Dad Grant Montour.

It's been one week since Jackie got her new heart and with her community behind her it is continuing to grow stronger.

“It is overwhelming, but we`re a strong family and we told her we`d be there every step of the way and she is amazing, courageous, strong, young woman,” says Jackie’s Mom LeaAnne Montour.

Over 700 shirts were sold with all the money going to the Montour family.

Jackie is still recovering, but has plans to attend UNI once she is feeling better.


  • Lori Dawson

    That is so neat. I wish our community would do something like this. I hope your community knows what a treasure it is to have departments that would do this. I wish Jacki the best.

    • Nathan

      What an amazing gesture for a community to do. Good job Carlisle. You should be proud of those who made this happen.

  • Richard

    This is what I like to see in a story. It says a lot about this city to step up and be there for a member of their city like this. Something to be very proud of. I think it is really neat. I hope she is better soon.

  • Samantha G.

    That is pretty neat. Way to go Carlisle for doing this. When does she get to come home now that she has a heart?

  • Ronda S.

    This made me cry. What an amazing gesture for a community to do. I am a council woman in North Haven and I wish our police and fire department would follow such an example. Your community should be very proud of you.

  • Jeanne M.

    That made me cry. What an amazing thing to do Carlisle. She and her family are lucky to live in such a great place. When does she get to come home?

  • Nancy

    I’m so happy to live is such a great community like Carlisle. I’m so proud of our community and especially our fire department for doing this. Go Jackie!

  • Mark

    A powerful story with a happy ending. So cool the community bought all those shirts. Carlisle must be proud of those who did this. How many shirts were sold?

  • Kevin

    How cool that everyone bought shirts and support her. Way to go those who set this all up. It is so cool Carlisle.

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