THE INSIDERS: Fallon and Crow Part 2

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Bruce Braley says that no one is working at the House gymnasium where Congress works out at. They have to do their own laundry and they pay a fee to work out there. Is this legitimate or blown out of proportion? National parks and monuments have been shut down and there is no towel service but the real victims are low-income families that use WIC and Head Start.

Republican Senate candidate Scott Schaben tweets that it’s been 11 days without the government and he hasn’t noticed any affects. Republicans believe the government shutdown was to inflict pain on the American people by shutting down national parks, monuments and other services they need. Democrats believe that Republicans would find another reason to shut the government down if it wasn’t the Affordable Healthcare Act.

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  • joel

    Ed Fallon.Spent more time sipping coffee than putting together coherent arguments. Since when does 97% of scientists agree make it scientific? Normally scientific means 100% every time it is tested.I might add all these so called scientists receive federal funding or they would be out of work. Talk about a tainted group.

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