FIREFIGHTER ROOKIES: Practicing With House Fires

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New firefighters are learning all about how to put out and fight fires.

The Hiawatha Fire Department set this fire and the new recruits are learning how to put it out.

The department has nine new members, making it one of the largest recruiting classes the Hiawatha Fire Department has ever had.  This weekend was the first time the firefighting rookies got to put out real fires.

“I was surprised by how intense it was,” said firefighter rookie Nick Streng.

“But I was also very happy I had on my PPE gear because I was able to withstand the heat, at the same time knowing that it was pretty intense,” Streng said.

The home was donated to the fire department by a developer.  The home the rookies were training at on Sunday is one of three donated on the condition that the department will burn the homes down after training.