ZOMBIE FEVER: Iowans Love Dressing As Zombies

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Halloween is less than two weeks away and zombies can be found all over Iowa.

KWWL reports several events in eastern Iowa had people getting out their fake blood and dressing like the dead.  The zombie crazy and the love of the undead has spread all over Iowa and across the U.S.

From the zombie apocalypse to zombie walks, zombie runs and more, even kids have zombie fever.

“The Walking Dead stuff has gotten very popular.  The zombie culture and all of that has gotten very big over the last few years,” said volunteer Justin Michael.

“It’s just that eerie thing that people always think about, like what if there was a zombie apocalypse and maybe this is like a training day for the onset,” Michael said.

And while some may be training for the zombie apocalypse, the ones at the fundraisers are safe.

The zombies at the fundraiser in Cedar Falls said they dressed up because it’s fun and it’s for charity.

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