AGRIBUSINESS: First Public Meeting Of 2013 Farm Bill Conference Committee Scheduled

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Wednesday the House and Senate Agriculture Committee leadership announced the first public meeting for the 2013 Farm Bill Conference committee.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 30th, at one p.m. Eastern time, in the House Ways and Means Committee Room of the Longworth House Office Building. On the agenda: opening statements and discussion of HR 2642, which is the House version of the Farm Bill.

Representing Iowa on the House Ag Committee is fourth district representative and republican Steve king, while Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin will attend on the Senate side.

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  • PowerOfChoice

    The Democrat Senate Farm Bill should NOT be passed with this section still added: SEC. 12211. DEFINITION OF RURAL AREA FOR PURPOSES OF THE HOUSING ACT OF 1949 would increase the pool of recipients and increased rural community population requirement to 35,000. This population level would be a small City not a true rural community. Changing the Census date to 2020 insures those who have already received fair share of benefits over past 30+ years and should be very self-sufficient to continue receiving such benefits because they keep getting grandfathered and considered rural since 1980. The purpose of rural programs is to help very small struggling communities grow and become self-sufficient, not to become a Welfare System for self-sufficient communities who have already received past benefits wanting more.

    We can no longer afford to have virtually the entire country considered rural with our 17 Trillion dollar debt. Enough is enough!!!

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