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SHOTS FIRED: Man Holds Ex-Girlfriend At Gunpoint

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A West Des Moines man is under arrest after police say he forced himself into an ex-girlfriend’s home, held her at gunpoint and fired a round through her floor.

Investigators say Anthony Edens went to the Clive house where his ex-girlfriend was staying to get his wallet Tuesday night. Eden allegedly charged upstairs, grabbed a shotgun and fired a round through the floor just a few feet from her.

She managed to get a hold of an antique pistol her grandfather owned, but police say Edens got it away from her then fled.  Police caught him a few miles away.

gun from domestic "She has a right to defend herself," Sgt. Mark Rehberg with the Clive Police Department said.

"She was able to go upstairs and arm herself with that gun.  She had no other opportunity to escape the residence, did not have opportunity to call police at that point.  So she did what she believed she had to do to protect herself."

Officers say this story could have had a much different ending.

"It could have been a homicide scene very easily," Sgt. Rehberg says. "The shotgun went off into the floor approximately 12 feet in front of the female. Close proximity in a hallway. It could have turned out completely different."

Edens tells police he was trying to unload the shotgun when it accidentally went off.

He's being held in Polk County Jail on a $28,000 bond.

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