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LET’S PARTY! Corning Celebrates Carson

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It’s testament to true stardom.  An Iowa town is still celebrating Johnny Carson's life, almost nine years after his death.

“We had so many people here today, we couldn’t hardly get everyone in the room!” said Chris Nelson, part of the Johnny Carson Birthplace Society in Corning.

It’s just a tiny place on the corner, but it was his.

“It’s important where people live but they’re only born in one place," said project chairman, Roger Sorensen, "and Johnny was born here.”

Though he spent just three years here, Johnny Carson never severed the connection.

Now, it’s Corning that’s calling out: "Hey Johnny fans, phase one of the Carson Birthplace Restoration is complete!”

“It was a little twisted out of shape," Sorensen said of the two-bedroom home, "but yet it was a very, very restorable house.”

Wednesday’s party celebrated not just his birthday, but also his original flooring and ceilings, “It’s probably in better shape than when he lived here!” Sorensen laughed.

Corning hopes to lure tourism dollars, for certain, but there’s also the innocent hope that telling Johnny’s story tells a bigger one.

“You can have this kind of humble beginning and still do whatever you want,” said Nelson.

And you can be off TV for 21 years, but still be its biggest star...worthy of cheers back home.

You can find more information on the restoration, here.


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