MORNING BUZZ:Glitches, Charity and The Fox Says?

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Good Morning!
It was one of those morning that’s I’ve written about with some frequency here. I know I turned my alarms on, I think I even woke up and I definitely turned them off at some point. I rolled over an hour later.
Now, most of the time that gives me a shot of adrenaline when I realize I’m late. This morning, with the cold…it was just a beat-down. I’ve rallied and collected my thoughts. Here they are:

They’re really trying to put lipstick on this one in the White House, but it’s not going well…
I wrote at the beginning of the shut-down that Republicans missed a chance to let the President’s Healthcare program make the argument against itself. The glitches on the website are an embarrassment for sure. If this had been the national conversation the last three weeks instead of the shutdown…where would the GOP be now?
Republicans just can’t seem to get out of their own way on this one. You don’t need to exagerate…and yet, here are they are…exagerating the problems with people who either haven’t really tried to sign up or who admittedly just hate the President.
Here’s an article about Sean Hannity on Fox News.
Why? That’s my question…why would you put these people forward without knowing their whole story? The half-truths are what make a lot of voters distrust EVERYONE in Washington right now.
This might be a good place to gain a little perspective on the way we are speaking to, and about one another. I read an interview with Oliver Stone the other day. His assessment of politics is stunning. On the one hand he paints a picture of anyone who takes a view that isn’t his as an idiot…he complains that Washington and particularly The President only sees and accepts one point of view. Then later he refuses to accept the fact that someone who once had his point of view could either get more information and change their opinion…or just disagree.
I put this article forward as a mirror. If you tend toward the conservative, you read that interview and scoff at Stone’s views. He sounds a little crazy right? That’s what a lot of people think about your views on the Healthcare Law, The President, guns…etc. Think about that.
My point in saying that is twofold. First, this kind of talk happens on both sides of the political spectrum. Lately, there’s been a lot more focus on extremes on the right…the Left has it’s dandies too. Second, Having a position you are passionate about is fine. Being critical is good. It should make our system better when we debate and discuss. The problems come when we convince ourselves that the other side has to be “liars”, “idiots” or “Socialists”. That kind of talk raises money for candidates. It may be entertaining, it may make you feel better to explain away some of the problems and complications of our world by labeling the other side, but it doesn’t help. It’s just my opinion, but why is it so bad to continually revisit and question your beliefs on political issues? Why can’t we continually challenge ourselves and our leaders to go to the next level?
You don’t like the Healthcare Law? What’s the solution? How are you prepared to defend that? If you were someone on the other end of the political spectrum…opposite your own view…How would you see yourself?

Anyone who calls for anything…personal information…selling phamesuticals, donations…I don’t give. The Attorney General’s warning about a professional fundraising company’s misleading or outright false claims is a good reminder of why.
If your nature is to give, I applaud you. We try to have a conversation every year in our house; what will we be supporting? SOme causes may go by the wayside given information we’ve either seen or experiences with the charity. We may simply find we’ve moved to a different time in our lives where support for schools may replace support for a friend’s walk. No matter how you do it, find the ways you can give back…no donation of your time or resources is too small.

Someone please give me a sedative if I ever feel the need to protect my son’s fragile ego by trying to file a bullying complaint against a team that beat his team. A father in Texas did just that. What? What happened to losing building character and teaching our kids lessons? Let your kids fail!!!!!! They will thank you later.
I know I know…some day I will be eating these words as I shield my kids from failure by embarking on some elaborate and ridiculous effort. Someone in my life will remind me…I hope…that my effort will be more about shielding MYSELF from embarrassment. As if my child’s failure to win, or get a part in a play or a spot on the Varsity is on some way a failure of parenting on my part. It’s not. We all fail. It helps us make the choice to succeed. The boost in ego gained from figuring out how to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat is a lot bigger than any victory handed to you because your parents finished your seventh grade science project for you.

What Does the Fox Say?
I don’t know, but if he could talk he would say… “that’s 3 minutes and 45 seconds of my life I am never going to get back”.

As always, agree..disagree? Please comment!

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