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COLORADO MOVE: Toddler To Get Marijuana Treatment

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Parents in eastern Iowa are leaving the state to try and get a drug to stop their little girl from getting seizures.

Maggie Selmeski from Janesville is 17-months old and has been diagnosed with infantile spasms.

She's been on four anti-seizure medications but nothing has worked.

Her parents told KWWL she has 500 seizures a day and has the brain and motor development skills of a three-month old.

“We are in the process of moving to Colorado to gain access to medical marijuana,” Maggie’s mom, Rachel says.

Her parents got the idea of using medical marijuana after watching a documentary.

Her mom says the drug Maggie will receive is low in the chemical that gives recreational users the trademark high.

“She won't be getting high, she won't be smoking it. It'll just be an oil I’ll give it to her just like I do any of her other supplements or medications,” Rachel says.

Maggie is on a waiting list in Colorado but should start the treatment in mid-November.

Her mother says she hopes marijuana laws change, because once Maggie starts the treatment, they'll be stuck in Colorado.


    • Amy Ray

      why is it the best “last” resort. If all the previous choices didn’t work, and if CBDs do work – wouldn’t it have been the best first option if available? just think of all the suffering that could have been avoided, not just for Maggie, but so many others… if only the DEA and the feds had not been lying to the citizens all these years – claiming it has “NO MEDICINAL PROPERTIES” pot needs to be taken out of Sch. 1 immediately!

  • PeaceKitten

    These are parents that really love their child. I have great hopes that cannabis will be the medicine that finally works for this little girl. Others have had great success with cannabis medicine and I hope this family does too. The laws against cannabis are WRONG. If alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar are all legal then cannabis needs to be too. Of those five substances, only one won’t kill you and it isn’t any of the legal ones. May love and healing be showered down on this family. Thank you for sharing their story and raising awareness about this amazing, safe, and natural medicinal plant.

  • Badboy7357

    I just hope IA DHS doesn’t try and steal that baby due to the reason they want to move. They could say the baby is in danger since that treatment is not legal here.

  • Anakka Hartwell

    The upside is that the brain is plastic, and can repair, and the connections that need to be made but that have been damaged pathologically and by the corporate pharmaceuticals can be repaired with cannabis, and her seizures can be controlled. This is an upstanding choice for these parents and this child is lucky it has parents that think outside the box.

  • Shakira Silver

    Thanks KWWL! Great reporting on this story. Thanks for being respectful and getting the word out about this. Cannabis can save lives, and needs to be legal everywhere. I’m a nurse in Colorado, and we welcome Maggie and her family with open arms. Thanks Colorado for passing Amendment 64! It has opened the flood gates for national legalization. Cannabis and hemp oil can cure everything from seizures to cancer, and we should all be growing it in our backyards.

  • Sandra Hornsby White-CA NOW Member Holistic Healer

    MJ is not a drug….it is an herb. Cannabis CBD Oil is helping many children with both seizures and brain cancer. The FDA was just caught in bed with pharmaceutical companies representatives in the approval process…..they only have to have a 50% effective rate to be approved and some drugs less than this….Medical Students do not study botanical or whole foods nutrition or food supplements for the treatment of any disease….they are absolutely ignorant…..Mothers have always been our healers and our teachers down through history. I believe my Grandma Was Right! I up hold Parental Right’s to Choose Cannabis as an effective treatment and affordable. I do not support the trillion dollar drug and cancer industry…..ever!

  • Lori Ann

    We are suppose to be the land of the free. This poor Mom should not have to move. Everyone should be able to have marijuana for what ever reason . Land of the free, no it’s not .

  • La france

    Thank you for covering this important topic. This valuable medicine should not be illegal. The courts, the board of pharmacy, and the legislature need to step up.

  • Cassandra

    don’t go to Colorado, go to California. There is a woman in Colorado having trouble find ing a doctor to prescribe her son Medical Marijuana and the current dr is threatening to have her son taken if she continues to use the marijuana for her son

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