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COUPLE JAILED: Reportedly Raising Baby In Garage

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A nine-month-old baby is now in the hands of the Iowa Department of Human Services, after police say a couple was raising it in a garage without heat or electricity.

Neighbors told police that the couple was living with a baby in the garage at 3012 Kinsey Avenue on the east side of Des Moines.

The garage doesn't have any utilities, and when police got there Thursday they say it was filthy and full of trash. Drug pipes, synthetic drugs, and a large fixed blade hunting knife were found near the where the baby was sleeping.

Police arrested the child's mother, 23-year-old Danae Haynes and her boyfriend 22-year-old Justin Sorter.  They're both charged with child endangerment causing bodily injury, possession of drug paraphernalia and probation violations.

Sorter's aunt owns the home and garage. The couple claims the aunt did not allow them inside the house but offered them to stay in homeless shelters. Hayne's says she was turned down by the homeless shelter because of the baby but refused shelters that offered family services.

The homeowner will not be charged after allowing the baby to sleep in the garage. garage_babyPolice say parents or legal guardians are responsible for ensuring proper living conditions.

Police say the home and the garage the couple was staying in belongs to Sorter's aunt.

They haven't said whether she faces any charges.


  • Emzy

    I hope they both get whatever may come to them, I know them personally and both deserve to be punished. She was an unfit mother and he was threatening to kill the baby for months.

      • KRJBOLEJ

        Good one :) And sadly, I DO believe the homeowner should be charged. She gave them the permission to stay in a trashy cold garage, knowing full well a 9 month old infant would be in there, too. SHE should have been the one to report to the police and DHS, from the very beginning. Who would say “sure your infant can freeze in my garage.” ??

  • greeneyes16

    The aunt is a just as guilty for not letting the baby come in the house while she waited for DHS to come and take the baby from the unfit parents. She is obviously cut from the same white trash cloth as her niece/nephew. What kind of person would allow a baby to sleep in a cold garage?

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