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CRUZ CONTROL: Offers No Apologies For Shutdown

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to say the effort to defund Obamacare failed or is finished as he talked to nearly 600 people at the Republican Party of Iowa's annual Ronald Reagan Dinner.

"None of us thought taking on the Washington establishment was going to be easy," Cruz said, "none of us thought this was going to be a simple path. We all understand it was going to be an ongoing effort and right now, I am more encouraged than ever."

Cruz called out fellow Republican senators for failing to back efforts to get Congress to take away all funding for President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

The gridlock led to the partial shutdown of the federal government for two weeks. Cruz maintains the effort demonstrated the strength of the grassroots.

He cited #MakeDCListen, the Twitter's hashtag, that got sent a million times over 30 days. Cruz argued that proves he's part of a change in American politics, giving the power to the people.

He said, "I'm convinced we're facing a new paradigm in politics. It is a paradigm that is the rise of the grassroots. I gotta tell you it has official Washington absolutely terrified."

Tickets for the event ranged from $100-1000.


  • Ms. JJM

    Personally I think Cruz is an idiot and I’m neither a Rep. or Dem. but just for the right person. If he honestly thinks that the antics of a few so called tea party Rep. boosted their popularity and represented what the general public is buying into perhaps he did not see all the polls that were conducted after the shutdown and how the average person felt about what a handful of idiots did and how it affected REAL FAMILIES. Wash. still got their undeserved paychecks and still had their health club/spa open! Don’t think the Republican party will be seeing a Republican President any time soon!!! I’m sure Cuba would would take Cruz if he thinks this country is so screwed up and at least there is a health plan, good bad or indifferent the US which is more than there has ever been. Oh yes John Boehner needs to be stripped of his speakership.

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