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HAUNTED FOREST: Students Scare For A Cause

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Plenty of organizations and businesses are hosting haunted houses this weekend. But, on Saturday, one group of students will do more than just scare you.

You'll have to use your imagination to know what the grove behind Adel Desoto Minburn High School will look like at night. Senior Maddie Powers says, "I would say you get pretty scared."

The students are transforming this half mile trek into a haunted forest. Powers says, "Every single year we have new scenes and new ideas so everything is new to everyone, every year it won't be the same."

Ten groups of four students came up with themes, like demonic fairies and a leaf man. Junior Colin Gavin says, “I'm wearing a Ghillie suit. It kind of blends in with the leaves and stuff."

You’ll also see vampires. Junior Mackenzie Fuller says, "We have some undead people, so that's always fun."

Of course the goal is to scare the visitors in the haunted forest. But, the students have another purpose. Fuller says, "I hope they have fun and they pick this over something negative to do."

The high school's SADD organization hosts the haunted forest. Powers says, "It stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions."

The group plans activities throughout the year to help students make good decisions. Powers says, "For homecoming we did a do-nut text and drive campaign, and so we sold doughnuts in the morning and we told them about not texting and driving."

The group expects a couple hundred people to go through the grove Saturday, hopefully providing a positive experience on what could be a dangerous night.

Powers says, "There's obviously negative influence students could go towards. But the students who are involved, the students that come to the haunted forest obviously are making a positive decision that night, which is something we want everyone to choose."

The Haunted Forest is Saturday at ADM High School in Adel. It’s a low scare version for kids from 6 to 7 p.m. They’ll pump up the scare factor for high school students and adults from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. It costs $2 a person.

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