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MAN ARRESTED: 10-Year-Old Harassed At Park

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A 20-year-old man was arrested Thursday for allegedly harassing a 10-year-old girl at a Des Moines park.

Police arrested Edward Lincoln after the girl told officers she was walking through Turner Park when Lincoln approached her and said he wanted to have sex with her but she was too young.

Police say Lincoln then followed the girl as she walked away, but never touched her.

The victim also told police she had seen Lincoln hanging around Turner Park and Madison Elementary School before and after class.

Lincoln is in the Polk County Jail, charged with 3rd degree harassment.


  • Stacey

    For ALL that have something to say about this young man…you need to know BOTH sides of this story before passing judgement on anyone!!! This young man works with me and there is NO way that I can or will believe that he would do such a thing…PLUS if this child says that she sees him before and after classes or school this maybe because he WALKS to and from work which is the path that he goes!!! Edward was at work Thursday and even after work was driven home by my daughter and another employee…what ever happened to INNOCENT till proven guilty!!??? I understand all the anger that this has kicked up because I too have kids plus grandbabies….but we all should hold our HARSH NEGATIVE words till both sides of this story are out in the open…I mean how would you all feel if this was your son or even yourself and you were accused of such a thing and put out there on the Internet and the whole world passing judgement on you without hearing your side!!?? Think of that

    • Duh ...

      I, too, know this dropout, druggie, son of an abuser. These bullies hang out at Turner Park looking for or causing trouble because they have nowhere else to go and its more fun to pick on little kids. Hopefully Edward will be smart enough to realize he needs/gets help for his problems, finds a new group of friends and turns his life around before its too late.

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