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MOM RELEASED: Speaks About Baby In Garage

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A 23-year-old mother spent two nights in jail after being arrested for child endangerment.

Danae Haynes admits to living in a garage with her boyfriend and 10-month-old baby for the last two months.

Haynes spoke with channel 13 in her first interview since her release from jail.

In her mind, Danae Haynes considers herself a good mother.

“She’s my life, she is the air in my lungs, the sun in my day and the rain after the rainbow,” smiles Haynes.

Others have questioned her parenting, after she kept her daughter, in her boyfriend’s aunt's cluttered garage with only a space heater for two months.

“Granted they say it was a fire hazard and I take responsibility for that but I was doing what I could as a mom to support and provide shelter for my family.”

Haynes says she had no choice but to keep her daughter, Cylette, in the garage. She was turned away from shelters that were too full.

“What do you do when you get to a certain point where there is no one to help you anymore? You do what you can.”

After police found drugs and a large knife, near where the child was sleeping, the baby remains in the states custody. Hayne’s mother, Marnie Varvel, says they’re very familiar with the Department of Human Services.

“I hate to see her have to go through this. I know how it is. I know she`s feeling. I know exactly what she’s going through,” says Varvel.

Varvel lost custody of her daughter when she [Haynes] was four years old. She fears history is repeating itself.

“Human Service is about keeping people together and finding solutions, not ripping them apart and putting them in other people’s house.”

Varvel says she didn’t let Haynes live with her because she’s too independent, however Varvel did not know she was living in the garage.Haynes says she never put her child in danger and feels she was wrongly accused.

“Both the police and the doctor stated that my child was healthy and there was nothing wrong.”

Haynes says her plan for living in the garage was temporary. She was going to school and hoped to get a job soon. Haynes boyfriend, 22 - year - old, Justin Sorter, is still being held in the Polk County Jail under several charges.


  • Elly Masson

    I have a lot of opinions in regards to this story. My largest concern is that the Aunt of the boyfriend, in which they were staying in her garage, was not charged with Child Endangerment. She was enabling this entire thing to happen, she was aware that her nephew, his girlfriend, and their BABY were living in her garage for 2 months. If justice is to be served, it should be served to ALL knowledgeable parties.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    You know Jesus was born in a manger. There were wild animals around him and a camp fire going and He turned out OK. The mother was doing the best she could considering her circumstances. Why wouldn’t her boyfireind’s Aunt let them stay in the house?

  • yaitsme

    Because they are lying, theifing, disrespectful ppl. He has been violent with all of his family, she prob wanted get them to leave her garage long ago also.

  • NikNik

    I kind of felt sorry for her, until the part about the drugs and knives within the babies reach. I understand wanting to do everything you can for your child, but drugs is not one of them.

  • Rocco

    What are those lumps on her face?
    Oh….it’s another chubby Iowan trying to look hipster.
    What a waste-oid. All dopers and thieves.

  • Jan

    The child was healthy and not abused. They should have found a better place for her to live, not put her in jail. People from poor backgrounds can turn out just fine. Seems to me they just stabbed her in the back when they could have found a way to help improve her situation. Now, as poor as she is, they’ve added thousands of dollars worth of fines.

  • Sarah

    i just wanna say that ROCCO..did you not see the story..what is wrong with you? you cant judge ppl by their style or what they look like..shame on you..its ppl like you who deserve to have their lives destroyed

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