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WALLACE DIES: Hometown Creston Remembers Her

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Marcia Wallace will be remembered for her work on “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Simpsons”. But her hometown of Creston, Iowa says they’ll remember her best for the woman she was.

Wallace was a woman who spoke her mind, and found humor in her hardships.

Her talent was never questioned. But her good friends Linda Hartsock and Dean Stults didn’t expect her to make it in New York. Hartsock says, “The phone rang and it was Merv Griffin calling her to be on his show. And we were all kind of laughing because nobody really thought it was.”

But it was. Her first big break was on “The Merv Griffin Show”, but most remember her as the feisty receptionist Carol on “The Bob Newhart Show”.

And who could forget Edna Crabapple from “The Simpsons” which won her an Emmy.

She had a range of roles, but friends say her most important title was mother.

She never forgot her Iowa roots and visited her hometown when she could. Stults says, “They knew her for who she was. Not who it looked like she was.”

Those closest to her remember her best for her humor and way with words. The autograph she gave Stults said, “Deann who knew me when… we’re not getting older, we’re getting better.”


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