HEALTH CARE: Millions To ‘Lose Current Coverage’

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The Obamacare website is now in its fifth week. It could be another month before it works the way it's supposed to.

But the website isn't the only reason thousands of people are upset about the law. Despite promising you could keep your doctor and insurance plan, NBC News reports 14-million people will receive cancellation notices from their insurer.

That's because many of the plans do not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama sold Americans on the promise that, "Nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have. Let me repeat this.  Nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have." The president said that on September 9, 2009.

But now millions are being dropped from their healthcare because of Obamacare.  People like 57-year-old Terry Jones, a boat builder from Fort Dodge.

"They offered the healthcare program that they had," Jones says. "Well the insurance company that they are getting that through is stopping that plan because it doesn't work for Obamacare."

Jones is diabetic and his wife has health problems.  He has tried every day since the website went on line to sign up, but can't.  He can only guess at what his coverage will be.

The website lists almost 40 Des Moines organizations that can help.  We called ten at random. None could help, and most didn't realize they were listed on the government's website.

Jones takes home $1,600 a month.  Between him and his wife, without insurance, medicine will cost him $1,400 a month.

The president says he knows the frustration Americans are going through.  "The website has been too slow.  People have been getting stuck during the application process," the president said in a recent speech. "And I think it's fair to say nobody's more frustrated by that than I am."

Jones disagrees.   "Mister president come out here," Jones says. "There's a lot of people more upset than you."

The White House is admitting that many in the individual market will lose their coverage, but argues people will be offered better, taxpayer subsidized coverage instead.


  • John Dean Heidenreich

    The not so affordable affordable care act. That number, 14 million is I’m sure a low ball number. It’s probably at least 2-3 times that. You chumps that voted for Obama because you thought you were going to get something for free. We told you that this was going to happen and worse, so congratulations now were all going down the toilet.

  • Julie

    Terry will absolutely qualify for tax subsidies, he won’t pay the full prices listed on…that reminder is on every screen he would have clicked through to get to the rates. He can also go to the specific insurance company websites (Coventry, CoOpportunity, etc.) to get the full details about plan coverage.

    I buy an individual policy as I am an independent contractor, not an employee. My rate will be significantly lower next year – about 40% lower – with more comprehensive coverage, and without any subsidies.

    • John Webber

      Julie is right – With everybody in and paying what they can afford towards coverage, costs will go down. It is a law of numbers. And what is wrong with rules that force insurance companies to treat us fairly?
      Every day across America people incur major heath problems only to find out that cheap policy they thought would take care of them is nothing more than a pickle barrel, and they are the pickle!
      This news story is misleading. Just like Thomas Jefferson once said about the media, it is just trying to disturb our tranquility without giving us truthful information.

    • Concerned

      Let me get this straight, you were able to USE the website? You were able to get through the screens? Did you watch the interview? Why don’t you go over to his house and help him out, there seems to be some trouble.

      If I get booted off my plan, guess what, I’m not going to buy anything. I will wait until I have a disaster THEN I am gonna call you and have you help me get signed up. I’m liking this more and more. Thanks Julie.

  • Keith

    Okay, wait a minute. This has got to be some of the poorest reporting I’ve seen in a long time. Jones states that “they offered what they had” – what does that mean? What did it cover and how much was he paying? Did Jones lose his insurance, as the article clearly implies, or are “they” simply not offering that plan anymore and will make other plans available to their employees that meet the guidelines? Were these other plans an option for Jones? Given the income levels stated in the article it would appear that the Jones would qualify for a subsidy, why was this not mentioned? I share his anger about the poor roll out, that has made it extremely frustrating for people to find out what is available and at what cost – this is totally unacceptable. But this story lacks so much information it can barely be called a news story – and since when did WHO become FOX.

  • Dave

    THE DEMOCRATS OWN THIS OBAMACARE DEBACLE! Not one republican voted for this piece of crap. I hope to god everyone will remember this at the polls! Ted Cruz in 16.

  • Coffee Pot

    two weeks ago, my health insurance said it was going up 40 percent unless I wanted to down grade to NOTHING… but they solved that problem a week later, and said it would NOT BE RENEWED….
    A small call to an insurance man, and he said 800 to 1400 a month, no problem. Must be working really well huh?
    I would just like a president to have one plan, that makes sense. Wind power? No, not with coal at 6 cents a kw, wind is 24 cents.
    Immigration? Nope, gays? Nope, Foreign policy? Nope… I got it…. the economy, Yep that must be it….. The economy is doing so well…
    Even if it was, Obamacare is about to take care of the rest of that.

  • jim deheer

    Will, I agree. the guys that I work with kept bragging how much better it is going to be, now they are scratching their heads. It’s hard not to say, “I told you so”

  • Concerned

    Please, DEAR GOD, leave my plan alone! I don’t want this!!! I do not want to lose my coverage. WHO do we complain to??? Who do I call??? Why is our Congress doing this to us! This makes me sick to my stomach. President Obama, I DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP!

    • William Denison

      Don’t you get it yet? We the middle class and poor have been used for over 40+ years as a endless source of income by those in Washington “both partys” to pay for their programs with our earnings and provide our family members to fight their wars. Its all about social engineering.

  • Wife of UPS Worker

    The Democrats can never respond to the facts, it’s always about talking points. Never any substance.

    To you Democrats out there, and anybody who voted for Obama, explain to us why UPS has notified their employees that their spouses would no longer be covered under the employee health insurance plan?

    Please, just answer this simple question and in your answer, please don’t blame Bush or give us any of your bogus talking points.

    • Will

      Wife, have you noticed none of them have responded to you. They are much like Hillary, when it came time to testify about Benghazi, she hit her head on something and couldn’t remember who she was. Now she’s running for President. lol

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