WATER QUALITY: New Website Revealed

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The Branstad Administration is showing off a new website it hopes gets you thinking more about the quality of our water system.

The website was unveiled Monday morning at Gov. Terry Branstad’s weekly news conference. The administration says cleanwaterIOWA.org will offer information for homeowners, farmers and businesses.

It provides a place to get and share information for both rural and urban areas.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Chuck Gipp says many Iowans care about the issue, but, until now, didn't know where to get the information they need.

“Fortunately, for us, a lot of people do want to do the right thing to preserve water quality and protect the resources that we have. But they really don't know how to do about that. I want to do that? But what tools are available?,” says Gipp.

The site's $24,000 cost comes from money set aside by lawmakers this past year for water conservation and protection efforts.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    hopefully it works, all the new changes in the .gov websites and phone systems, apparently political paybacks through contracts have not resulted in better service for the tax payers

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