EYE WITNESSES: Neighbors Describe Manhunt

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With broad daylight still shining and several neighbors at home, there were plenty of eyes on the suspect that led Des Moines police on a two hour manhunt Tuesday afternoon.

C.J. Stephens wondered who was looking at her hot tub and potting shed, but didn't think to call police until later.  By then, the suspect was gone.  For her and other Waterbury neighbors, the chase brought as much confusion as it did fear to an otherwise quiet part of town.

"I opened my garage door and the police officer came by and he said 'get back in your house and shut the door,’ and so then I realized something must be going on," Stephens said.

"We don't see police ever,” says neighbor Steve Miller. “Not that I don't think they wouldn't be here if we needed them because they clearly were, but I think in general, we just don't have very much of a police presence."

Ryan Collier was apprehended less than two blocks away hiding under a car.

“We were just looking out the window, the painters and I just trying to see anything I couldn`t believe it we saw something, the guy come from under the car,” homeowner Doreen Blunck describes.

Collier is in the Polk County jail charged with harassment, domestic assault and interference with official acts.

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