BABY DEATH: Motion To Move Trial To Adult Court

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Prosecutors have filed a motion to move the case of a southeast Iowa teen accused of having a baby in secret, and letting that child die, to adult court.

Officials say a 15-year-old Libertyville girl was being treated for a medical issue at the University of Iowa Hospitals in the early morning hours of October 11th. Doctors informed the teen’s stepfather, who was at the hospital, that she had recently given birth.

The hospital called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and they responded to 703 East Maple in Libertyville. When they arrived a deceased infant girl was found in a closet.

The investigation shows the 15-year-old girl had given birth to the baby sometime on October 10th.

The teen was originally charged in juvenile court with child endangerment resulting in death. Now prosecutors have filed a motion to move her case to adult court and have her be treated as a youthful offender.

The teen’s name has not been released.


    • Donna

      I don’t understand how anyone could worry about ruining the life of a teenager, who was old enough to make the adult decision to procreate, and not consider the painful death of a baby. When are we ever going to be responsible for our actions and stop ignoring the abuse of innocent babies and children.

      • Sue B

        Because you don’t know the facts. You don’t know the family history. You don’t know her emotional state. You don’t know what actually happened or if the baby was even alive at birth. You are just casting a stone. She needs to be held accountable and people that know all the facts should make that decision. We need to be better human beings and pray for something good to come out of this tragedy. We need to do anything we can to make a positive impact in this world….and keep this from happening again.

  • Brenda

    Charge her as an adult! This is terrible and with all the programs and safe haven laws, this should have NEVER happened. If you are thinking “why ruin the rest of this 15 year old’s life” please think for a second what kind of a life will this young woman have if she is taught there are NO REAL CONSEQUNCES for her actions. She needs to learn NOW so she can learn her lesson and hopefully turn out to be a better person because of it. Think for a second about a baby….cold….scared….hungry…..probably struggling to breathe. There was NO REASON FOR THE LOSS OF LIFE in this story!

  • Kayla

    She is a 15 year old in HIGH SCHOOL. She knows right from wrong! I knew this girl and I am worried about her but I HOPE AND PRAY she gets charged as an adult. This was preventable.

  • babyrn

    really, terrible. for everyone. the baby.her family. her. her friends. the school.
    she obviously did not have support. No one noticed she was pregnant.. this is a terrible tragedy. Repercussions yes. Absolutely. Adult? She obviously isn’t one.

    • Enough

      With today’s social media anyone looking at pics could tell she was pregnant, Also small town Fairfield the gossip runs rampage,I know some of her friends knew, the first high school event after school started back up was who was expecting. I just think that it’s sad all the way around

  • Nancy

    Judgements cannot be made without all the facts… Prayers for all especially the infants spirit and the infants family

  • Sue B

    I agree. Withhold judgement as we don’t know all the facts. She will have to face judgement day at some point and she will be held accountable. No one wins in a situation like this. It is so easy to cast stones but look what society and our government is telling us on a daily basis. It is okay to kill the same baby as long as we do it earlier in the pregnancy. People are killing babies every day and getting support from our government in doing it. Life is Life and I sure hope all those people out there that are throwing stones are not pro-choice. This tragedy needs to stop, but are we any better if we say “just kill her”? I am angry too, but I pray that people don’t judge too early and not know all the facts. Use your anger to help make our society be a better place. We can all find a way to make a positive impact in this world and maybe keep this from happening less often.

  • Cindy

    This is a tragedy, not one of us know all the facts! GOD is her judge! Let it be and deal with your own dirty laundry people! This is why the world is in such a state as it is. Casting stones at others when you live in glass houses yourselves.

  • Ryan

    And the democrat liberals would say, “why, this was only a closet abortion!” I say, “baby is a baby, and a murderer is a murderer.”

  • Kayla

    To the above statement about “no one knew she was pregnant” that is FALSE. I was a close friends to with this girl. She denied she was pregnant. As a friend when I confronted her she talked. She told me she was and didn’t hide it. Her parents knew. She didn’t have very much support because SHE didn’t want it. If she wanted it she would have had it. This girl has SO many friends. I wouldn’t ever EVER see this coming. I she was scared but told me she was thinkin adoption. You can call me a liar or you can believe me, I was her friend and I do not know all the facts. But I’m shocked. I do know some. And she has ruined all her dreams and goals.

  • Kayla

    This is horrible… Yes no one knows the facts, but no matter what the facts are there is no excuse as to why this should have happened or why it should be a smaller case because she is young. If she is old enough to get pregnant, she is old enough to know this is wrong.. Also I would just like to point out that just because abortion is legal (which I do not agree with) does not make this” the same deal” or make this “okay”. I can’t believe what our country is coming to, that we are arguing over wether this is wrong and that she should be charged as an adult for making an adult decision…

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