TRAFFIC CAMS: Input On Proposed Rules Sought

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The Iowa Department of Transportation wants to know what you think of proposed traffic camera rules.

The rules would govern any new speed and red light cameras on Iowa highways. They say automated enforcement shall only be considered after other solutions are explored and implemented, and that cameras should not be a long-term solution.

There is a public forum on the subject Wednesday in Ankeny at 1:00 p.m. It’s being held at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Southeast Convenience Road.

The rules could be implemented as early as January.


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  • John Vargus

    If they do decide to keep the cameras up I believe they should also give a 20 second warning that the light is about to change. The pedestrian “Don’t Walk” indicator such as in place at SE 14th Street and Indianola as an example. It begins flashing and counting down the seconds you have left before the light changes. We all know that intersections are getting wider and require more time to clear when a light turns yellow. If an east and west street each has two lanes with turning lanes for left and right turning traffic it becomes four lanes for just one side of traffic. If we count the other side of the road (going in the opposite direction) that is eight lanes total you have to cross through. If a lane is 10 feet wide that is 80 feet total before you are safely through the intersection.

    I think they need to weigh in on this safety option. It will make people not have to accelerate to clear the intersection before it is red, and it will allow for ample time to stop.

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