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WICKED SHOW: Musical Transforming Civic Center

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The Civic Center of Des Moines is being transformed into a place far, far away.

Nearly 100 people are unpacking 13 trucks full of stage equipment for the musical Wicked.

It’s the untold story of the witches of Oz. It will take the crew about 30 hours to set up the stage for the Des Moines production.

The set includes about 175-thousand pounds of scenery which uses about five miles of cable to automate it.

The actors arrive Wednesday afternoon and the curtain rises on the first show Wednesday night.

“It’s one of the closest replicas to a Broadway show that there is,” says stage manager David O’Brien. “The producers and the creative staff really maintain the show to a point where we’re really seeing a Broadway quality show.”

The show is at the Civic Center until November 10th.