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Oh friends, you crack me up.

My previous blog post is easily the most read and commented on thing I’ve ever posted.  I love that you love the stories and pictures that make you say, “Ewwwwww!” and “What the heck?!?!?!”

So here’s the latest…


You’ll remember that this is what my thumb looked like right after Dr. Cherny cut out all of the infected tissue and the mysterious “foreign objects”.


After just a few hydrotherapy treatments with Erika, things started improving.


thumb better

By last weekend – this was the way my thumb looked.


And here’s the status today.  Isn’t it amazing how much that hole has filled in?!?!  Dr. Cherny put it best, “God made the human body so it would do a lot of the work to heal itself.”

I know you’re dying to know what the foreign objects were.

They weren’t.


They were “calcifications” and likely had nothing to do with any of this.

The lab results also showed that I had staph infection.  The popular theory is that I had some sort of small cut or scrape on my thumb and I picked up the infection during a workout.

Let my experience be a warning to you. If you have a cut or a scrape, keep it covered!  Clean equipment at the gym before you use it!  When you can, use your own mat and clean it regularly!

Finally, my sincere thanks to Dr. Grunewald who took action to get me right in to Dr. Cherny’s office, to Dr. Cherny for being so kind to me even though he deals with far more serious cases than mine, and to Erika for helping me recover more quickly than I otherwise would.   I am grateful.


  • Judy Bartelt

    So glad you are better. This was very interesting and taught a good lesson about cleanliness and how easy it is to come in contact with staph.

  • Brian Hines

    OMG! This is so crazy that that could happen just from a cut and not wiping down exercise equipment! If untreated the staph could have gotten into your bloodstream and turned into an infection that would attack your heart valves!
    I know this because it happened to my wife in 2008. We spent 18weeks at the University of Iowa hospital. She went through 3 open heart surgeries to replace her Aortic valve, only to have it start leaking, so they opened her up the 2nd time to repair the leak. While she was on the heart/lung bypass machine she had a mild stroke, but came out ok, but still not feeling right. We then found out that the entire valve broke loose and was flopping back and forth instead of opening and closing! Thus, surgery #3 where they had to remove the valve and the spongy section of her Aorta that wasn’t holding the sutures that were supposed to hold the valve in place! They stitched in a section of Aorta and an Aortic valve from a cadaver so that they had good tissue and plenty of it to make sure the stitches held.
    She has been doing great for 5 years now but still must have one more surgery as the cadaver valve is temporary. They wear out in 5-10 years so they will have to go in and replace it with a permanent, mechanical valve that will then last her the rest of her life!

    So glad our favorite news anchor is O.K.! Feel lucky you went in when you did, my wife, Patty, thought she just had a touch of the flu she couldn’t shake for a month and her only symptoms were fatigue and nausea! No one expected it to turn so serious so quickly!

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